A New Start


I’m now back in Switzerland, but it’s almost time to turn around and go back to the US already! I head back in December to take some exams and to spend Christmas with my family.

After much reflection, I’ve decided that I want to keep writing on a weekly basis, but without a clear goal, that’s proving difficult. Last year, of course, the goal was to write reflections on my learning process during my study abroad. But now I’m in a different context—no longer here for studies, I’m here adjusting to a new home, but with no particular focus, it’s difficult to write regularly. So, while I reflect on what this blog’s focus should be now, have a nice little picture of the view off our balcony:


This morning, it snowed for the first time, though it’s not yet cold enough for it to stick. I’m learning to drive manual, finishing up my studies, and having fun in the kitchen exploring new recipes and keeping myself distracted from all there is to do. The boxes are all technically unpacked, but most things need rearranging. Slowly but surely, the apartment is looking more like home, and I’m remembering what it means to live here.

Until next time,



One Comment Add yours

  1. Stacy says:

    Glad you decided to continue to post. Love reading your thoughts, and enjoying your photos too 😉


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