Revisiting America

After nine and a half months out of the country, I set foot once again in the USA nearly two weeks ago at the Dallas-Ft.Worth airport. I was exhausted, but not so much that I wasn’t struck by the strange sight that greeted me—American flags. The last time I saw American flags was probably in November during my trip to Verdun.

Perhaps the most frustrating cultural difference I’ve experienced in the nearly two weeks that I’ve been back happened right there in the airport—the flights weren’t arranged by time of departure but by name of destination! I was glad I asked for help figuring out where my plane was leaving from. My jet-lagging brain just couldn’t handle it.

It’s been wonderful being home, though I feel a bit in-between two worlds. Because of the busyness of the summer ahead of me (wedding-planning, bachelor’s thesis-writing, unpacking and repacking … ), I might be writing only once every two weeks. I’m needing a time of rest before switching my focus to the final projects ahead of me before graduation and the upcoming move.

But isn’t that sky lovely? My prayer is that I will be able to take full advantage of my time back here with my family. It’s great to be with them again!


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  1. Dawn Auger says:

    I’m over the moon Anna is home again! I cherish this time together.


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