On the Road: Zürich 

Last weekend, my visiting friend and I went to Zürich.  What a lovely city!  Despite not speaking any German, the two of us did just fine with big smiles and plenty of apologies as we went.

The weather was beautiful, so we made sure to take advantage of walking along the rivers and lake!

Thankfully, it was warm enough that we could have lots of picnics, including one with Rivella and Mövenpick.

We went inside a church that has stained glass windows made by Chagall.  I could have stayed all afternoon staring at the windows!  No photographs were allowed inside.

Doesn’t it have a beautiful tower?

Crocuses are one of my favorite flowers, and Zürich had loads of them!

This park had crocuses sprouting up all over—I’ve always wanted to see a field of crocuses!  It’s quite the cheerful springtime-y sight.

We’ve done lots more together over the past two weeks, including a trip to Bern, a ferry ride to Evian, and lots of beautiful walks.  I’m pretty forgetful about picture-taking though, so there’s not a whole lot of evidence of our adventures.  But what a fun two weeks it’s been!  Soon we’ll be off to Geneva and saying goodbye.  I’m very thankful my friend was able to come visit.  It was quite fun to show her some of my favorite spots as well as explore some new ones with her.


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