Five Months


I wish I had some pictures of the snow these past couple of days … we’ve been having the weirdest weather here!  We’ll get a lovely snow (the gigantic, slow-falling flakes) in the morning that then melts into a grey slush.  Hence the greenness of the fields.  It’s been a bit difficult to remember that it’s still only the beginning of February!

And I’m still on winter break!  This has been a wonderful break, one with some rest but also lots of reading and social activities.  I’ve spent more time on the trains this break traveling around Suisse Romande than in all of last semester!

Yesterday made five months since I boarded the plane, and today makes five months since I arrived in Switzerland.  How short five months sounds, and yet how full they’ve been!  It’s hard to believe that only two years ago I was taking my first college French class.  Sure, there’s a lot more progress I want to make in my ability to speak, understand, write in, and read French.  But I’ve also made so much progress in the past two years, and especially in the past five months.  I can watch films without subtitles and understand most of what’s going on, I’m beginning to grasp humour, texting comes easier and easier, and I no longer need to spend time thinking of what to say before a social gathering.  How incredible is that?  It’s only been five months!

I’m happy to have still two more weeks before school starts to really enjoy time with friends and to continue my reading.  I finished C.S. Lewis’s The Four Loves last week for the second time.  As much as I’d like to have some deep thoughts to share, I’m still digesting the information.  It’s an incredible book; I recommend it highly.  Next on the list, his Till We Have Faces.  Of course, for every book I tick off the list, another two or three are added!  Ah well, it’s a lifelong endeavour.


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