Zibelemärit (Bern)

Before even leaving Nebraska, I wanted to visit the Zibelemärit (Onion Market) in Bern. Held on the fourth Monday in November, the market brings tons of onions, crafts, and seasonal food to downtown Bern. What more can you want from a festival?

Despite having to give a presentation Monday morning, I was still determined to make it to Bern in the afternoon. Thankfully, two dear ladies from church were free last-minute to go with me (a spontaneity that is sometimes hard to come by), and on the train ride up and throughout the afternoon, they shared Swiss history, politics, and culture with me.

The first thing we noticed as we walked out of the train station was the confetti; it was everywhere! The kids had a blast scooping it up off the ground and throwing it at us.

Then there was the smell. Onion soup, onion tart, mulled wine, churros, nougat, gingerbread . . . It was all so delicious, though the nougat especially was a treat as it’s so hard to find in Nebraska and happens to be one of my favorite sweets. The vendors had made huge blocks of it, just like wheels of cheese.

The nougat on the right was as long as my forearm!

And of course, there were the onions and garlic: braided with dried flowers, strung into necklaces, or fashioned into little animals.

After a bit, we decided to warm up with tea, onion tart, and nut cake. When we took off our coats, confetti spilled out! (When I got home that night, I found even more confetti in my coat!)

We had such a lovely time. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful city of Bern, especially as it was so alive. The people, the confetti, the delicious food—it all gave the city a delightful energy. I’m looking forward to visiting again sometime to see more of Bern.

All of the festivities made me really excited for Christmas, too! I’ve got a lot of tests and papers these next two weeks, but December brings with it lots of wonderful things, too: Christmas markets, a visit to Sweden, my family’s visit to Switzerland, and the hope of the Advent. I’m so thankful for this time of year, time I can set aside to think about my Saviour! I’m very thankful too for the wonderful people God has put in my life, people who are sharing these moments with me.


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  1. Dawn Auger says:

    So glad you got to go to the onion market. I remember you sharing information and pictures of this anticipated event with me this summer. My, how time flies! xoxo Mum

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  2. Bev Kelly says:

    Dear Anna, Thank you for the recent posts you have written!!! I love hearing about your adventures. I have never heard of the “onion festival”and pictured your trip on the train with your friends learning more about their day to day lifestyle. Talking politics and taking in the festivities!! Such an amazing year your enjoying. I talk to Grace and tell her about your travels as well. She listens and nibbles her mash🐴. Have a great Day!! ❤️Bev

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    1. Anna Auger says:

      Thanks, Bev! I’m so glad Grace has you to keep her updated 😉


  3. Stacy says:

    sounds like an incredibly lovely day! I could image the smell and want me some of that nougat!


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