A New Life

It’s not yet been a full week since I arrived in Switzerland, but it feels like much much longer! It’s been hard for sure, but it’s also exciting to go through these changes.

I’m sharing a link to some photos I took while on a walk through my village (Echallens) on Friday.  Honestly, that’s about all I can do right now as my brain is exploding from all the new information, and my body is just trying to recover from a long flight here.  But please don’t hesitate to message me or ask for my mailing address. I miss all my friends and family!  And believe it or not, I really appreciate being updated on how things are going back home.  My brain craves something familiar (even the water is so different here—it’s like being on another planet).

Until next week,



Here’s the link to the photos.  When prompted, the password is “suisse”.  I’m having a bit of trouble getting them all uploaded and in order, but I’m trying my best.  (Update: they’re all there and in order now!)


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