It’s Hard to Believe (4 weeks)


Amid a week filled with amazing times with my family and friends, I have to keep pinching myself to remember that I’ve only got four weeks left.  This past week, my visa came, I applied for one last scholarship, I got connected with a student buddy at UNIL . . . and yet it all seems so cruelly unreal to me.  I’m leaving in four weeks?  Apparently, that’s still not been absorbed by my nervous system.

My sister came back early this morning from six weeks studying in Northern Ireland.  I’m so thankful to have her for these next four weeks!  If there’s one thing I need to know how to do right now, it’s how to manage a good work-life balance.  It’s tempting to work as much as is physically possible, but not only does my body lack that kind of stamina, I also know that it’s the time with loved ones that will be most special to me this next year and beyond.  Today, my sister and I had lunch after church with four great friends whom we’ve known since we were all preteens.  It was such a precious time of laughter, silliness, and storytelling.  I am so thankful to have such an awesome bunch of friends!  And I’m going to miss them very much.


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  1. krishna says:

    good luck 😇


  2. Anna Donley says:


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    1. Anna Auger says:

      Anna, I’m so thankful for your encouragement!!


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