Six Weeks!

When people ask me how I feel about leaving so soon, they invariably follow up with, “Excited, right?”

Yes, I am SO excited to board that plane six weeks from tomorrow. I also am terrified. And at the same time, it’s something that feels like it will never happen.

At the beginning of summer, a friend who is also going to spend this year abroad said, “You know, study abroad feels like this thing we talk about and prepare for, but that isn’t really going to happen to us.” I couldn’t agree with her more! It’s so surreal that I’m moving to Switzerland for a year, even though the ever-growing pile of stuff I’m taking sits in my closet reminding me daily of what is to come.

But increasingly, my excitement is growing. My prayer is that in the midst of saying goodbyes and preparing to go, I can set aside time to enjoy the excitement and anticipation. I also hope that I can enjoy my time with friends and family without the nagging “this is the last time for months” in the back of my mind.

In six weeks, I’ll be on my way!  I’m so ready for this adventure.


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  1. Peggy says:

    This sounds awesome, Anna. I’ll be praying these 6 weeks zoom by.


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